Install Cydia for iOS 9.2.0 to iOS 9.3.3 iPhone, iPad, iPod

“Old is Gold” , This is inappropriate for this generation because this proverb now converts to be old is a waste because  man made all things are updated to new version day by day, so very old one is inappropriate for current situation.  as well as recently introduce iDevices such as iPhone 6 ,iPone 6 SE , iPhone 6+, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s,iPhone 5 are only supporting newly introduce iOS and its service.

But would you think about jailbreak tools?, it can’t carries out any more  , yes it is true

However, Cydia  founder Saurik thinks the different way (Mr. Steve jobs quote) and found a fresh different method of the jailbreak tools , it is suitable for the current culture of iDevices  that fresh tool called Pangu.

Pangu is completed  by Chinese team with the help of Saurik and Pangu has enough power to bypass all security  barriers in the iDevises  which are made by apple company.

Know some things before Jailbreak by Pangu?

  • Pangu (English version)  will support only 64 bit iOS iDevises as above mentioned.
  • One thing you should Know this Pangu is a semi-Tethered jailbreak tool
  • Due to Mr Saurik new technique ,The Cydia impactor tool introduce  which run on Win7  (64bit) or Win 10,Mac OS X, Linux 64 bit
  • Make a Connection between the iDevice and Computer via USB cable

Pangu Jailbreaking steps are following 

step 1:  Before jailbreak, Downloads Pangu  ipa  file ( NvwaStone_1.0.ipa )   and  cydia impactor on your Computer.

step 2: Install Cydia impactor after finish it, run  Cydia impactor and drop a pangu file(NvwaStone_1.0.ipa ) on it  and click OK

step 3: Little bit later  ,There is warning message  from Apple developer.

step 4: When prompted, enter your email address ,Apple ID and password. If this is a regular non-Apple Developer ID, then the Pangu application will be available to run for up to 7 days. Paid Apple developers subscribers have access to the Pangu for a full year.

step 5 :  Then Pangu icon will  appear on your iDevice , but you have to go to Settings → General → Device Management, touch next to the email address for application developers to your Apple ID, and tap trust twice ,Confidence  to run the application.

step 6: Tap the pangu apps when it launches   you should press the home button and lock the iDevice.

step 7: After few minutes some notification showing ,once it is complete ,you’re able to unlock theiDevice and you can see the Cydia icon appeared on the last screen.

While Pangu runs you may meet some errors
  • installation.cpp:42 – this is the iDevice. Not support 64 bit apps
  • zip.cpp:331 – can’t unzip the files (reboot and try again)
  • adb.cpp:515 –iOS the version not suitable.

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