iFunbox 4.0 iOS 9.3

iFunbox is instead of iTunes.It available for windows OS and Mac OS.I know you have a question why apple idevices neviFunboxer accept third party software but how it allows iFunbox without jailbreak ?

Yes, it not need jailbreak your iDevices ,because it is as same as iTune and it helps install outside of iTunes apps in your iDevices easily (some cracked apps also you can try it )and very easy to uninstall it. You feel as a hacker. iFunbox also safety way to protect your iDevices.

Herewith I will attach some screen shot about iFunbox and it functions  before you install it.

intall iOS apps from iFunbox

iFunbox Import export


How to install iFunbox?

  • Open the iFunbox web site or Directly  choose one.

Download and install iOS 9.3.3 , iFunbox 4.0  for windows

Download and install iOS 9.3.3 , iFunbox 1.8   for Mac

  • Totally free
  • There are two download links according to the OS , choose your PC could be accepted one.
  • After that install it, while installing sometime problem may occur by antivirus software. Don’t panic about it, ignore it and continue.
  • Complete the installation; you will connect your iDevice via USB.
  • You will be able to transfer Media’s files here and there or even take a backup also.

Some speciality about iFunbox

  • When will it open, It searches your IP address and analysis your connection.
  • Using cookies
  • Parents can allow their children to use because iFunbox is the best user friendly they got idea quickly but age should be consent.
  • You can share information via FB or Twitter
  • New version of iFunbox is compatibility for iOS 9.3.

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